Deutschkurs mit Schwerpunkt Musik für Opernsänger

Deutschkurs mit Schwerpunkt Musik für Opernsänger

Are you on your way to becoming a singer and thinking about working or studying in Germany? Germany has unparalleled opportunities for classical singers to gain practical experience in its many opera houses, concerts in concert halls and churches, summer open air events, musicals and countless other venues.

A good knowledge of German listening and reading comprehension in addition to speaking and writing abilities are crucial for a successful working life in Germany.

The ASK is offering intense German language courses on a daily basis, that have a focus on music. Using vibrant texts about opera, instruments, and concerts, we enable musicians to master important vocabulary they need for their working field.

On top of this, we offer phonetic German language courses specifically for singers, where we work using the libretti of operas, the poetry of German arias or songs and where we give key tools to help master proper pronunciation. There will also be classes, that assist in comprehension of antiquated German, such as found in the operas of Mozart.

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